Security Lock Box, Bluetooth Smart Secured Lock Box with Management APP, Electronic Digital Security Safe Lock Box with Functions of Remote Authorization and Viewing Unlocking Records

Exchange keys remotely with your guests & keep essentials accessible to your family and friends. Perfect for Smart Home, Airbnb and Rental Business
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  • 【Smart Security Lock Box】 After installing a free APP and registering an administrator account, you can have two unlocking methods: remote unlocking by mobile phone and unlocking by password key, and you can also authorize unlocking permissions to other accounts. You can customize the authorization time, such as every Monday and Tuesday, or a certain time period
  • 【Safe Lock Box】Adopt military design, anti-violent disassembly, anti-rain wash, full climate adaptation (adapt to -40℃ harsh environment, waterproof IP55), high safety. The lock handle can only be opened by the administrator account through the mobile APP, and the administrator account can real-time check all unlocking records
  • 【Multifunctional Password Lock Box】Not only can be hung on the door handle, but also can be nailed to the wall, each package is equipped with expansion screws, which can be directly nailed to the wall to meet your various needs
  • 【Large-capacity Lock box】The outer size of the lock box is 3.7×4.42×1.65 inches, and the inner space size is 3.42×2.95×1.37 inches. Can hold 8~10 keys, you can also put down car keys or access card
  • 【Well-made Lock Box】 The whole security lock box is stainless steel, and the outer skin is silica gel. It is non-slip, wear-resistant, and has a texture, and the interior adopts military design and high safety. Please trust our pre-sales and after-sales service, and more importantly, trust our good products






ImLockbox is a smart lock box that features password, remote access without wi-fi and in-app management for any rental, condo, shop and family. It’s the perfect key exchange solution that eliminates the need to copy extra keys or change locks. Protected by 128-bit encryption, ImLockbox is the safest and most convenient way to provide keys and property access control.
Designed for AirBnB hosts, condo and property managers or homeowners, ImLockbox is the perfect solution for complete property access. Now a convenient key exchange can happen remotely at any time, day or night without the need to be on-site. ImLockbox provides a modern solution for hosts and a better experience for guests.

Product Specifications

Control method Imlockbox APP or enter the password manually
Standby time 1 year
Charging method USB cable or change battery
Waterproof grade IP55
External size 6.88*3.7*1.65 (inches)
Storage space 3.42*2.95*1.37 (inches)


 lock box key lock box lockbox for keys key lock box for outside

Temporary visitor

You can check the unlocking digital code anywhere and provide it to temporary tenants. Fast and safe, very suitable for Airbnb and housekeeping services.

lock box key lock box lockbox for keys key lock box for outside

Intelligent management

You can authorize unlocking permissions to other users, such as your family or other people who need access. All unlocking records will be recorded and viewed.

lock box key lock box lockbox for keys key lock box for outside

Superior material

Stainless steel die-casting parts ensure that the Bluetooth lockbox is protected from theft or violent unlocking. Ensure long-term protection and safety.

lock box key lock box lockbox for keys key lock box for outside

Unlock in emergency

When the power is off, use the USB portable charger to unlock the Smart Lockbox.


 lock box key lock box lockbox for keys key lock box for outside

The Ultimate solution for key management

Large storage space

The storage capacity is 3.42*2.95*1.37 inches, which can hold 5-10 keys, or car keys, watches, etc.

Will never be locked again

The ImLockbox password box is reliable storage space. The only two things you have to do is to put the key or door card into the box, then set a password for yourself, family or friends, and you will never be locked again. ImLockbox provides you with another way to enter your house quickly and safely.

APP Management

Use Imlockbox APP for intelligent management, you can manage functions such as family, password, and view door.

 lock box key lock box lockbox for keys key lock box for outside
Long standby time, up to one year on a single charge
You can either simply replace the battery or use the USB cable to charge for a short time, and you can enjoy the long standby time.
lock box key lock box lockbox for keys key lock box for outside
The composite casting of high-strength materials to prevent violent disassembly or theft
ImLockbox has an independent and complete R&D team, using cutting-edge technology to make this product not only smart but also robust
lock box key lock box lockbox for keys key lock box for outside
Waterproof and Rainproof IP55
The hard metal box body is wrapped with isolation rubber, which can effectively resist harsh natural weather such as freezing, rain, and strong wind


Dynamic Password

ImLockbox has a Dynamic Password feature that a property owner can issue remotely via the app. Based on a smart time algorithm that is synchronized between the app and lock, the owner can generate and send the password to the guest that is valid for 5 minutes and allows them to open the lock box to access keys.
In some cases, a Temporary Password with a set time window is necessary, often for vacation rental guests or clients of realtors. Using Bluetooth, this feature allows the homeowner to set a temp password instantly and provide it to guests.


Grant Permission In-app

ImLockbox’s in-app Grant Permission feature allows the owner to grant access permission to a guest with a set period of validity that allows them to access the lock box using their own phone for a certain time. This fully remote feature saves time for the owner and provides a convenient experience for the guest.

Permanent Password

ImLockbox can be programmed with a Permanent Password for trusted associates and family members for easy 24/7 access that prevents lock-outs and the need for multiple keys.


In-app Management with Access Logs

ImLockbox is managed with an intuitive smartphone app with powerful security features that manage password entry along with remote access permissions and revocations. It is perfect for businesses that need to monitor property access.





User Management

Using the app, permissions for any user can be granted or revoked remotely by smartphone along with changes in stay durations for guests.

Access Log

The in-app access log is one of the most robust features of ImLockbox. It syncs over Bluetooth to record detailed information regarding access of users by time. It’s the best way to monitor and track access for multiple visitors.




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